Our Know-How

Know-how that adds value to your business

Company expertise

Efficient and effective part design and development,
The industrialization and production of thermoplastics, for both technical and esthetic parts,
Sub assembly and decoration of subsets.

    We :

  • design the injection process,
  • determine and propose materials adapted to the product,
  • substitute plastics for metal parts,
  • assure expert mould-making and maintenance,
  • adapt and implement peripherals,
  • provide specialized finishing machines,
  • guarantee strict verification procedures and metrological controls,
  • offer our expertise in the transfer of moulds or processes.

Our injection technologies

  • Injection of technical or esthetic parts from 0.03g to 1500g, according to material density,
  • Transformation of high-performance thermoplastics and elastomers,
  • Sequential injection,
  • Overmoulding.

Our production assets

  • Round-the-clock shifts (3 X 8),
  • An up-to-date machines with 27 presses from 40 to 1 100T, fully automated, with tri and six-axial numeric robots,
  • Small series and mass production,
  • Medium and high-speed production.

Manufacture and Assembly

  • Overmoulding, in-mould decoration, etc. during the injection process…,
  • Customized post-moulding,
  • Assembly and outsourced finishing: tooling, cutting, gluing,ultra sound welding, painting, serigraphy…


  • Tests and quality control tailored to your specific needs,
  • Metrological control devices with 3D contact-free optical measurement,
  • Quality Management System (certified by ISO 9001 version 2015 and IATF 16949 version 2016),
  • Respect for the environment,
  • Ongoing staff training.

Continuous Improvement

  • Lean,
  • 5S,
  • 8D,
  • QRQC,
  • ...


We are founders and active members of an Economic Interest Grouping, « GAP » ( Groupement Achats Plasturgie, www.sas-gap.fr): www.sas-gap.fr) Our group includes 18 small and medium-sized companies, 2000 employees on 37 work sites, and a combined turnover of 330 million euros..

We benefit from a high degree of synergy with the Euronyl Group.


  • Secure management of order backlogs,
  • Front line platforms for programmed deliveries,
  • Efficient management of packaging, packing and identification,
  • Single site and multiple site Just In Time delivery, repecting time lines.