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Founded in 1987, Alençon Plastic is a flexible, reactive company on a human scale. We are committed to offering our European clients the best possible service in the design and manufacture of thermoplastic products . We work with you to meet today's industrial challenges with innovative, effective and competitive processes. While ensuring the perennity of our company, that dedication has earned us the on-going trust of leading players in multiple sectors :

Production workshop Alençon Plastic

Alençon Plastic

Key Information

  • Legal form : Simple Limited Liability Company (S.A.S.)
  • Founded : 1987
  • Capital : 540 000€
  • NAF Code: 22.29 A
  • Siret : 341 587 996 000 16
  • Total workforce : 48 permanent employees and 6 apprentices
  • Consolidated earnings 2022 : 8.360 million €

Key Dates


Alençon Plastic has completed the new extension of his plant, operational since the september in early 2020!

The total area of the building has been doubled (6 000 m2), with the possibility of adding 10 to 15 new presses! and we have reintegrated on the storage on the plant!

  Previous Years

The launch the extension of our plant that will be operational in 2020!
Addition of 3 new presses 2 full electric machines (50 & 160T)& 1 hydraulic machine (80T)
And certified new norms IATF-16949:2016 & ISO 9001:2015
Alençon Plastic is 30 years old!
Addition of 3 new presses, 220T and 300T and 50T electric
Addition of 2 new presses 160T and 400T
Renewal of certifications : ISO 9001 version 2008 and ISO TS 16949 version 2009
Addition of 2 new presses 80T and 50T electric
Addition of 2 new presses 220T and 300T
Expansion of sales team and design-development office
Alençon Plastic joins EURONYL Plastic Group (Belgium)
Certified ISO TS 16949
Certified ISO 9001
Expansion of production site and administrative offices
Assisted in setting up an Economic Interest Group(GIE Groupement d' Intérêt Economique)
1st order of original equipment from automotive industry
Alain Gautier founds Alençon Plastic, 8 employees



Our Team

Our ability to listen to and answer our customers' needs, in a spirit of mutual trust, assures the perennity of our companies :

  • a skilled and motivated workforce,
  • processes monitored by Quality Management System,
  • continuous and permanent improvement,
  • a committed team, fully engaged on all levels,
  • close ties with our suppliers to assist them in continuous improvement.

Production workshop Alençon Plastic

Nos Technologies d'injection

Our Core Values

  • Listen to the customer

    The customer's voice is the key driver. We work hand in hand with our customers to assess and meet their demands.

    We believe in partnerships that operate in a spirit of exchange and cooperation.

  • Be professional

    We respect our customers' in-company rules and norms, and adhere strictly to current legislation.

    We foster a team spirit at all levels of our company.

  • Set high standards

    By demanding more,we grow individually and move forward together.

    We encourage personal initiative and help each team member improve his/her fields of expertise.

  • Rise to the challenge

    Innovation and calculated risk-taking always enrich us.

    We are committed to socially responsible, long-term business relations that benefit all parties.

  • Strive for cohesion

    We respect the value and merit of the individual, whatever his social or professional status.

    We encourage open-mindedness and team work at all levels.

Our Ambitions

  • Customer awareness

    Together with our committment and attention to customers' needs, we strive for partnerships based on open-mindedness and honest exchange.

  • Customer relations

    We offer a complete range of services to meet the most demanding requirements.

    Working with our customers as a resource centre, we have the know-how to handle all phases of manufacturing as well as related services.

  • Qualified and motivated staff

    We are proud to work for Alençon Plastic and the Euronyl Group, and strive to assure its perennity.

    By offering continuous training to all staff who contribute to the success of our projects, we recognize the value and merit of each individual.

  • Respect for the environment

    Our company is committed to sustainable development on a social, environmental and economic level.

    The involvement of every staff member is essential.

    As responsible citizens, we will pursue efforts to reduce our environmental impact, while continuing to produce high-quality products.